Showing an overlay image, especially a large one and/or one that is being scaled up a lot, is a complex subject with a lot of interaction with the Java version, the operating system, the video driver, etc., which can cause it to lag. If it does, first try the other two "Overlay Scaling and Painting" methods on the Performance tab of the Preferences screen. It's best to restart WorldPainter each time after changing the setting.

If none of the settings help the lag, here are a few things you could try, which have worked for some people:

Please let us know at worldpainter@… if one of these tips solved the problem for you!

  • If you have set the overlay image scale to something other than 100%, try scaling the image manually outside of WorldPainter using an image editor such as GIMP or Adobe PhotoShop, and then setting the overlay image scale to 100% in WorldPainter.
  • Try making the image transparent using an image editor by replacing the background colour with full transparency, and then set the transparency to 0% in WorldPainter.
  • Reduce the number of bits of the image using an image editor. If it's in colour, try making it 8-bit grayscale (GIMP: Image -> Mode -> Grayscale). If it's in grayscale, try making it black and white (1-bit; GIMP: Image -> Mode -> Indexed -> Use black white (1-bit) palette; try different color dithering settings).
  • If trying one of these doesn't work, try a combination.

If none of these help, please let us know at worldpainter@…. Please describe your situation as completely as possible (operating system, graphics card, how much system RAM and video RAM, how large is the world, how large is the overlay image, what image format is it in, how many bits is it, is it transparent, etc.).

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