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Custom Caves

This zip archive contains a set of bo2 objects that I have been using to make multilayer custom cave systems in WorldPainter. I have also included the short Perl script that I use to generate the bo2 objects and a README file.

Each bo2 object file is named something like "cave_h6_d-26.bo2". The number after "h" is the height (distance between floor and ceiling) of the caves created by that bo2 object, and the number after "d" is the depth below the surface of the cave ceiling. The way you use the bo2 objects in WorldPainter is to "Add a bo2 format custom object layer" using the "+" at the bottom of the "Layers" panel, and paint this layer with a solid brush at maximum intensity over the region where you want a cave. Overlapping layers at different depths can be painted over each other to make higher caves and linked together to allow movement from level to level of the cave system.

The generation script is named "". The default parameters in the script will recreate the included set of bo2 objects. These parameters can be modified (using a text editor) to produce caves with different properties, for example, higher passageways, more obstacles, or smoother walls.

Addition information about the bo2 objects and the generation script can be found in the README file included in the zip archive.

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