Troubleshooting Mac OS X

For generic, non operating system specific troubleshooting information, check the Troubleshooting page.

I can't install WorldPainter

  • There are occasional download problems. Try downloading the installer again.
  • If you have Mac OS X Mountain Lion or later it may refuse to install WorldPainter because, while it is digitally signed, it is not signed by Apple (for which they charge $99 a year). Follow the instructions on this page to turn off the requirement for applications to be signed by Apple. You can turn it back on again after WorldPainter is installed.

If you continue to have problems installing WorldPainter using one of the installers, you can try one of the installerless archives. You can find links to those on the same page where you downloaded the installer.

WorldPainter just shows a light blue screen instead of the map

If you have a Mac with a Retina screen and Max OS X Mountain Lion, try following the instructions on this page to turn on the "Open in Low Resolution" setting for WorldPainter.

Unresponsive and incomplete windows which cannot be dismissed

This is probably caused by a known bug in the Java for OS X 2013-004 Java update from Apple. You need to download and install a fix from Apple. See this page for links and instructions.

WorldPainter won't start

It is possible you made some kind of modification to the preferences that cause it to no longer start, for instance setting the default size larger than you have memory for. Try resetting the preferences by deleting the WorldPainter configuration directory (~/Library/Application Support/WorldPainter). Don't forget to backup any custom brushes and/or plugins you may have installed in there first!

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